One thought on “This Summer’s Footwear Fashion Sensation

  1. What about a Carpe Diem (or “Fish of The Day” as Joss Whedon or one of his writers brilliantly put into an ever fast-quipping Buffy’s mouth twenty-odd years ago)?

    Or “Fashionable Footwear For the Deservedly Downtrodden” as I am going to be using for my new, you don’t really need it, but I want your money, Carp Have Feelings Too (Or So Some Big-Bellied Blokes with Beer Cans Keep Telling me) brand……….?

    PS – On the fishing front, I very much enjoyed watching Simon Gawesworth’s line-feeding / -mending in that little Controlled Drag film elsewhere on Moldy yesterday. Nice.

    Right. Back to World Domination.

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