Make America’s National Fish Great…Again

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Tired of talking about who’s voting for Hillary, Bernie, or the Donald?? We are too! So let’s vote for a national fish instead…

With a couple strokes of a pen, President Obama signed a bill into law last week that officially makes the bison America’s national mammal. So now we’ve got a bison as our national mammal and a bald eagle as our national mammal. We figure it’s about time this country has a national fish too!

It’s been tried before – Rep MacArthur of NJ currently has a bill to name the Striper America’s national fish but that thing has zero cosponsors and is practically dead in the water. We’ve got our crack political consulting team waiting in the wings to help the will of Chum Nation prevail.

So cast your vote – you can vote for up to 5 species – in the National Fish Primary before 11:59 PM on May 31st. The top 5 candidates that emerge from this jungle fish primary will move on to the final election, which will be held the following week. And don’t forget to submit your contact information below to enter to win a Click Reel from Sage (size and color of your choice).

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