Alyssa Halls Fly Tying Tutorial

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Alyssa Halls runs Owl Creek Flies (previously Anadromy Flies) in Wyoming with her husband Neil Strickland. Alyssa is one talented lady and splits her time between guiding, production fly tying, and creating art.

Alyssa has always felt the drive to put her impressions of the world into art… photography, illustrations and paintings. When she started tying, she was working with slow internet and limited data, so she was unable to watch many tying videos. She would work off of photos and of course received many lessons from her talented husband and many friends who tie. She was inspired by the creations of Scott Howell, Pat Cohen, Rene Harrop, Bill McMillan,Trey Combs, Kelly Galloup, Ken Moorish, the late Jack Gartside & Yuri Shumakov and countless other influential tyers.

Alyssa began sketching out ideas and proportions and wrote down step-by-steps of various flies. Eventually she saw the value in these simple sketches, in how clearly a concept could be shown in a detailed illustration. Alyssa has now done tutorials for quite a few of her favorite flies, and plans to keep them coming! Stay tuned for more tying tutorials and possibly some prints that make for perfect tying room art.

For more of Alyssa’s tutorials or to buy some killer custom flies, check out Owl Creek Flies.

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