AFFTA President: Protect Montana’s Paradise Valley water

American Fly Fishing Trade Association President and CEO Ben Bulis recently weighed in on the importance of protecting the Yellowstone from foreign gold mining threats. Here’s a brief excerpt from Ben’s editorial:


“It’s easy to take for granted what lies in our backyard, year after year. The Yellowstone River has been a part of my life for 25 years now. I’ve fished it, swam in it, hunted and camped along the banks, and have been blessed to experience its beauty with friends and family.

I’m the president and CEO of the American Fly Fishing Trade Association. Our members across the country depend on us to be the voice that keeps the fly-fishing industry growing sustainably. While we promote the purchase of fly-fishing gear and the work of our member retailers and guides, we know that without clean rivers for trout, salmon, and steelhead, our industry is dead in the water. We work closely with local groups – our neighbors – who protect, enhance and restore fishing waters. I represent the industry nationally, but I live here in Montana where our blue ribbon trout streams remind us of our good fortune.

That’s why I support the recent timeout on gold mining on public lands in the Paradise Valley. The Yellowstone River and its blue ribbon trout fishery cannot be jeopardized by ill-planned mining developments nearby. Last summer’s devastating whitefish die-off was a painful reminder that this river system is fragile. We must keep the Yellowstone River clean and healthy, producing bugs and trout for generations to come.”

LINK (via: Billings Gazette)

One thought on “AFFTA President: Protect Montana’s Paradise Valley water

  1. Of course it’s important to protect our fish and their ecosystem but lets not forget that lasts year’s closures showed us the value of the river economically as well. Without the river there are no tourists, people come to Montana to see the wild not to visit a pit mine or just another stereotypical city. I think that’s an important factor for our legislature to keep in mind.

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