TBT: The Governator protects California’s trout

Throwing it back to the good ole days when Republican Administrations actively worked to protect wild fish and threatened species. Back in 2007, The Governator, aka Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, signed legislation that created additional protections for several California native trout that are classified as species of concern.

The now not-so-new law requires the Department of Fish and Game to complete and implement management plans for all wild trout waters in California within three years for new waters, and to revise them every five years for existing waters. Many of the existing management plans for trout waters are either outdated or have never been completed.

Brian Stranko, chief executive officer of California Trout, a major supporter of SB 384 praised the legislation saying, “Wild trout populations statewide have been declining due to a variety of increasing threats. This new law will help protect these fish and the waters they live in for generations to come.”

LINK (via: Tahoe Daily Tribune)

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