Zinke and BLM lands in Montana

Courtesy of the BLM

As former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke rides off into the sunset, Montanans are forced to confront the repercussions of his decisions for our public lands. Under Zinke, the Bureau of Land Management recently moved ahead on the sale of oil, gas, and fracking leases on 10,000 acres of public lands in southwest Montana, including parcels along our beloved Big Hole and Beaverhead rivers. Zinke made this decision even though the BLM received thousands of comments against the sale and only one comment supporting it.

LINK (via: The Missoulian)

One thought on “Zinke and BLM lands in Montana

  1. Jesus fucking Christ. Grow up Montana and vote for environmentalism, not “conservationists.” This is coming from a guy with a degree in Conservation. RMEF and others have abused that term and now we have gas leases in our paradise. We need these areas protected now, not conserved. It is too fucking late.

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