YETI Presents: Odd Man Out

When she’s not wetting a line in some foreign river or ocean, Camille Egdorf calls Bozeman, Montana, home. She grew up migrating annually to her family’s fishing camp in western Alaska, a 1940s throwback consisting of framed tents around a repurposed cannery shack. No roads, no cell phones, no people other than a dozen or so anglers. Only moose, grizzlies and a gin-clear river teeming with grayling, dolly varden, rainbow trout and salmon.

She’s traveled the world over as an angler and guide — from the Seychelles to Kamchatka, she’s landed some legendary catches and racked up some unbelievable stories. Camille undeniably pushes the limits of what we expect out of a contemporary angler. She’s as smart as she is strong, friendly as she is fierce on the water.

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