A Year In The Life – A Fly Fishing Journey

Almost 18 months in the making, A Year In The Life – A Fly Fishing Journey showcases 5 of the most amazing fly fishing locations around the world in both fresh and saltwater.

Filmed over 12 month period in New Zealand, Christmas Island, Iceland, Mexico and England. A Year In The Life lets you see what amazing people, places and fishing can be had, something that we must protect for future generations to enjoy as well.

One thought on “A Year In The Life – A Fly Fishing Journey

  1. Okay … but maybe cut out the Queen-like “We Will Rock You” drum-bash accompaniment…? People, if they really have to, can listen to that sort of stuff at home. Personally, I go fishing to escape all extraneous noise and clatter, in fact I nearly always mute the sound when first-time watching a fishing film: if it stands up to purely visual scrutiny, then it’s probably got something going for it. Less is more and all that.

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