Wishful Thinking Won’t Make Things Right

Charlie Witek debunks some wishful thinking around striped bass.

It’s a refrain I’ve heard more over the past year: “Yes, striped bass recruitment in the Chesapeake Bay might be tanking, but as the climate gets warmer, the Hudson River is taking up the slack.”

It’s such a nice theory that it’s almost too bad that it’s wrong. But facts must be given their due.

LINK (via One Angler’s Voyage)

One thought on “Wishful Thinking Won’t Make Things Right

  1. Okay, everything wild, formerly both phyically and for the most part financially free and doing just fine until we grossly abused their habitat – not to mention REALLY worth catching and to be life-long proud of catching – might be tanking, but instant former trash fish in pay-for-play excavator-dug mudholes (and now even former world-class Atlantic salmon and sea-trout rivers turned bottom-lining Water Companies’ sewers) are taking up the all-important revenue streams slack.

    Certainly the case here in Britain.

    Let’s out a low grunt. Retreats further into his cave.

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