Why Are Adventure Hubs So White?

The racial demographics for many of the places that topped Outside’s Best Towns of 2017 were remarkably homogeneous. Bend, Oregon: 91 percent white. Boise, Idaho: 89 percent white. Missoula, Montana: 91 percent white. In Matador Network’s list of “America’s Coolest Outdoor Towns,” many of the towns followed the same pattern. Jackson Hole, Wyoming: 91 percent white. Truckee, California: 86 percent white. Salida, Colorado: 93.7 percent white. Big Sky, Montana: 93 percent white.

LINK (via: Outside)

The racial demographics of the activities the denizens of Americas Coolest Outdoor Towns participate in are also overwhelmingly white.

2 thoughts on “Why Are Adventure Hubs So White?

  1. Why are adventure hubs so white? Why is Moldy Chum so posting crap like this? let’s go back to Pin up Fridays and talk about fly fishing.

    1. I so agree Eric. Why is moldychum falling for this social justice crap? This type of nonsense only aims to separate people. Lets talk about fly fishing! I come here to get peace from all the racial hate baiting.

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