What’s the Best Fish to Pose With on Tinder?


When it comes to dating—particularly bad luck in dating—we often hear that there are “plenty more fish in the sea.” The latest trend on Tinder seems to be taking that old adage quite literally, with 22 percent of the dating app’s male users between the ages of 18 and 35 in Florida posing alongside a recently caught fish in their profile photos.

In light of this data, the folks at FishBrain—a social media network and app for anglers—surveyed more than 1000 members of the Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority to determine whether there’s something to this whole “guy with a fish” strategy. Of the young women (who were all in their late teens to mid-20s) surveyed, 46 percent of them kind of liked it.

LINK (via: Mashable)

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