Western Wildfires

While we’re locked down due to hazardous air quality, it’s clear the disastrous fires across the west are going to have a major impact beyond the affected communities. Numerous watersheds and the livelihoods that depend on them will also be impacted in the months and years ahead.

The Oregon Fly Fishing Blog has updates on the Holiday Farm and Archie Creek fires.

Longtime steelhead advocates Frank and Jeanne Moore were able to evacuate on short notice but the fate of their famous Steamboat Inn is still unknown.

LINK (via: Oregon Live)

Some perspective and how you can help.

Here in Washington 626,982 acres burned in 5 days which alone would be the second-worst fire season.

Remember those Australian fires? One of those largest fires burned 2.2 million acres. In California, more than 3.5 million acres have already burned.

In Oregon over 800,000 acres have burned.

Charity Navigator has a list of trustworthy charities if you’re interested in helping those impacted.

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