Wessel Islands – The Last Frontier

The Wessel Islands are one of Australia’s most remote and untouched fly fishing destinations. Nestled at the top of the Northern Territory, the network of coves and clear sandy flats create a fly fisherman’s paradise.

Two species of Indo-Pacific Permit are available – T.Anak and T.Blochii, and the endemic Blue Bastards and Black Spotted Tusk Fish also provide an inviting flats challenge. If you are looking for variety, Queenfish, Barramundi, Giant Trevally, Spanish Mackerel, Coral Trout, Golden Trevally, Brassy Trevally, and Giant Herring all inhabit the flats mangrove creeks and rocky island channels.

The diversity of fish is matched only by the remoteness of the location. The fishery has remained largely untouched, and ‘The Wessels’, in collaboration with Aussie Fly Fisher & Wildcard Luxury Tours, is currently the only licensed operator accessing these pristine island flats.

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