Wealthy Americans Carve Up Swathes of Prairie for Hunting, Fishing and Skiing

Ranches across the West, once valued for what they could earn their owners through the cattle trade, are rapidly being bought up by wealthy Americans looking for somewhere to park their cash.

For a lot of these old ranchers, a trout stream was just a place to pull the irrigation water from to irrigate their hay meadows
now owning a trout stream is like owning a piece of beachfront property.

LINK (via The Guardian)

2 thoughts on “Wealthy Americans Carve Up Swathes of Prairie for Hunting, Fishing and Skiing

  1. Ah yes, an article from Britain’s Daily Mail, a somewhat to the Right of Genghiz Khan-minded, extremely calculating, socially manipulative newspaper whose billionaire owners spend huge sums of money making “Little but Ambitious People Who Know Their Minds and “Wot” ‘s Wrong and Wot’s Right” feel very aggrieved about mere foreign billionaires and not their beloved British Downton Abbey and Former Prime aand Daily Mail Columnist Set have so much more money than they do, money they feel they deserve and want so bad that it really hurts them.

    PS – I do believe that I was at school with a son of one of the paper’s “Let’s yank their proletarian chains” owners….or was it the equally awful, our territory always – never theirs, Daily Express…?

    Careful “wot” you read.

    Boote out.

  2. Further word of explanation about the above comment from me.

    The ‘dear old’ Daily Mail’s target readership is “the squeezed middle” – the folk who, though not having very much, still feel that they have something to lose (if only their “standards” – the way they speak English, for example), however little that not much might be – not the people right at the bottom of the pile, who it and its readers see as, well, brutish creatures best avoided, not even talked about, let alone be socialized with or God forbid trusted. Ditto ALL foreigners, particularly those with huge amounts of money, especially the new, apparently barely earned, variety. Welcome to a whole world of never-ending envy, suspicion, disaffection, disappointment and pain, guys.

    Got the Little England picture? Good. Now I can go.

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