Washington’s New Steelhead Plate


Derek DeYoung and Washington have teamed up to create a pretty fresh design for the soon to be released Washington Steelhead license plate. The plates will be available starting in January and are expected to generate approximately $200,000 a year, which will be used to:

  • Apply new techniques to improve estimates of the number of wild steelhead on the spawning grounds and ensure that the population numbers are consistent with the productivity of the river.
  • Bolster efforts to monitor interactions between wild and hatchery steelhead to help ensure future hatchery steelhead production and management actions support the recovery of wild stocks.
  • Increase creel surveys to improve estimates for the number of wild steelhead harvested in fisheries and the number of wild steelhead caught and released by anglers.

We think it looks a whole lot better than the mock plate design the state used to promote the creation of the new steelhead plate…


Link (via: Northwest Sportsmen)

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