Before I could even walk, my Grandpa Bob had already taught me to fish. He was obsessed. Soon I was too. From that point on, if I wasn’t out fishing, I was glued to the TV, learning from fishing legends like Bill Dance. Most people know Bill from his blooper reels on Youtube, but to me, he was a role model. Bill wasn’t there to criticize your technique or question your motivation – he just wanted people to get out there, learn about the sport, and ultimately, have fun. As I learned from Bill: it doesn’t matter if your flipping jigs, surfcasting, or fly fishing—we’re all in it for the same tug.

This video is for Grandpa Bob: my biggest role model and one of the fishiest dudes to walk this earth. I can never thank him enough for giving me the greatest gift of all: introducing me to the sport of fishing.

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