US Slaps Moratorium, and Omega Protein, on Menhaden Fishery

Some good news coming out of the US Commerce Department.

Omega Protein and their parent company Cooke Aquaculture are getting slapped for their blatant disregard of the menhaden quota in the Chesapeake Bay.

The nation’s secretary of commerce on Thursday said he would shut down Virginia’s menhaden fishery if Omega Protein doesn’t comply with federal quotas by June 17.

Secretary Wilbur Ross issued a statement stating that the Canadian-owned company “willfully violated the fishing cap on menhaden inside the Chesapeake Bay, continuing to fish after the federally-order quota of 51,000 tons had been met.”

Conservationists cheered the news.

LINK (via: Daily Press)

As you might expect, Omega Protein is “disappointed” with the decision.


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