Photo by: Alexandra Morton

Last week, seventy-seven U.S. organizations and businesses, including this one, delivered a letter to British Columbia Premier John Horgan, urging the Premier to deny the renewal of twenty Atlantic salmon net pen leases in the Broughton Archipelago that expired yesterday June 20th.

The letter – delivered under the banner of Our Sound, Our Salmon, a U.S. based coalition that played an instrumental role in the phase out of Atlantic salmon net pens in Washington state – expresses the need to work in solidarity with B.C. First Nations, organizations, businesses, fishermen, and everyday citizens who have worked diligently for years to raise awareness of the harms posed by Atlantic salmon farms in B.C.

Currently, British Columbia is the only jurisdiction on the U.S./Canadian Pacific coast that has not made the decision to exclude Atlantic salmon farms from its waters.

Read the letter HERE

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