Urban Fly Fishing Berlin

Featuring Tobias “Tobsen” Cordes, most well known for playing the bass in German-based band Seeed, this video clip from the Bombtrack Bicycle Company is their first which isn’t about pure cycling. Tobias also runs a small fly fishing brand called Ferox Featherworks and offers guided urban fly fishing tours and courses for beginners.

2 thoughts on “Urban Fly Fishing Berlin

  1. Appeals to Yesterday’s Yuppies and to Today’s Authenticity-hungry and -craving Hipsters, to my mind – not to the vital bargain-basement, doing it for real as “a really big, important, for-life thing, in MY life” and likely to take things well into the future, Grassroots. So many calls on so many people’s life-authenticating leisure-time activities, these days… Saw this in London a few years back: the experience- and authenticity-hungry young Hipsters very quickly moved on to something else after a bit of almost-Missionary, urban fishing.

    Stay strong and keep together after the Vegas massacre, fellas. Tom Petty’s departure also noted.

    1. @Paul Boote: We’ve been doing this for 25 years. And I can guarantee that the Fly Fishing Scene in Berlin is almost free of hipstering and completely free of yuppies!;) #fishwhereyoulive

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