One thought on “Tuna sells for record $3 million

  1. Unreality check: I heard in a BBC radio report a couple of days ago that a bluefin of that size normally fetches $60,000 at auction in Japan – still a very big price to swim the world’s oceans with on your head. We have some people wanting to start a catch and release bluefin operation off the west coast of Britain at present; I have my qualms and concerns, for, whilst they might be perfectly fine and dandy and will offer little threat to the lives of a long-absent, now slowly returning Atlantic bluefin tuna population, the piratical freelancers and Big in Japan tuna-smugglers who will doubtless follow their little, avowedly sportfishing for science and so completely virtuous, C&R fleet most certainly will not. Some wild and threatened things, in my opinion, are best left well alone and be allowed to continue to increase and prosper through benign neglect.

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