One thought on “Trout in a Box

  1. Nice story. I have known the area featured for all but a very few years of my life and lived in and fished it like a madman for spells of several years at a time over several decades. Fine sea-trout (sea-run brown) country (the famed river Towy and a few others), but a historic producer of very modest-sized resident browns owing to their native rivers’ (which rise on upland moors and often run out of tailend of peatbogs) acidic nature (hence why some of those little browns went down to the sea in search of a decent meal countless years ago and came back as thumping great sea-trout). Take it from me, a 1 pound 9 ounce wild brown was a monster for many a western Welsh stream in 1914; it still is on those that that haven’t received a “top up” of instant hatchery fish or have been heavily limed in their upper reaches to raise their ph levels and give them a bit more fishing-growing alkalinity.

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