Trout Fishing, Boredom, and the Meaning of Life

On this episode of The Art of Manliness Podcast, Mark Kingwell, author of Catch and Release: Trout Fishing and the Meaning of Life,  discusses the beauty of the perfect fly cast and how it relates to the philosophical debate of form vs function, why doing things with “style” is an important part of manliness, and what fishing can teach us about the active vs. contemplative life.

One thought on “Trout Fishing, Boredom, and the Meaning of Life

  1. I sm always a little “concerned” when I am invited to read /watch / listen to such far-reaching and, just possibly profoundly insightful and deeply connecting, Rami does Freddie, Brad and Leo do Sharon and Manson, fishy stuff, so, being a stricyly real-world rivers, waters, people and piscatorial type, weigh in here with a nod in the direction of “BBC Panorama – Salmon Farming Exposed”, a TV offering that was shown over my way last night and might be available for you guys to view if you broke a few, strictly notional, easily broken rules and searched for it on, say, on some EZ or ET, piratical TV download site….

    The spokespeople for that industry say so much about it (andabout themselves) whilst not intending to, and gave ALL lovers of wild salmon, steelhead and sea-trout, in whatever ocean they try to come out of to find and do their stuff in their home river, cause for worry.

    Possibly Subversive Message Ends.

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