Triple Trouble – F3T 2024

For MB, it’s time. She’s long dreamed of going to the salt to chase a new species on a fly rod; now, it’s her opportunity. But there’s a hitch.

She’s not interested in the A-list of fly fishing species. Permit? Not right now. Bonefish? Might be nice. Trevally? Well, that’s a long plane ride.

No, MB wants to do this her way. She wants… a tripletail.

For Danielle, saltwater species are home. From the Eastern shore of Mobile Bay, to the Florida Keys, she’s cut her teeth on every saltwater species imaginable. She’s passionate about protecting tripletail and raising awareness for the species.

Together, they’ll travel across the south, deep into the Alabama River delta, to try and catch what many consider to be one of the most unique fish in saltwater.

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