Tracing Mining’s Threat to U.S. Waters

In the mountain streams of southern British Columbia and northern Montana, a rugged part of the world, fish with misshapen skulls and twisted spines have been caught over the years.

Many scientists attribute the malformed creatures and decline in certain fish populations to five enormous open-pit coal mines interrupting this wild landscape.

LINK (via NY Times)

One thought on “Tracing Mining’s Threat to U.S. Waters

  1. I think it’s awesome that Moldy Chum is highlighting the hypocrisy of the global warming movement! This propaganda hit piece by the NYT is indicative of bias towards the coal industry as the “bad guys”. If the NYT had any desire to be fair, they’d have also called out the complete environmental disaster of the mining dusty towards the mining of battery metals for electric vehicles. Those guys are 100x worse than the coal “baddies”. But since they didn’t, its nice that Moldy Chum is showing us first hand how bad the propaganda machine really is.

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