Tourist + Moron = Touron!!

Before the widespread use of social media, it may have been difficult to fully comprehend the ignorance or sheer recklessness of some Yellowstone National Park tourists.

Now, thanks in large part to Jen Mignard’s Facebook page — “Yellowstone National Park: Invasion of the Idiots” — there is a weekly online dose of ill-advised acts.

LINK (via: Billings Gazette)

2 thoughts on “Tourist + Moron = Touron!!

  1. A mentally warped fiend and long-time, wouldn’t do that even with somebody else’s, dangerous deviant thinks to himself: “Yellowstone….SO everybody’s done that downmarket….better go beat this Titanic….”

  2. The “As I was Sorta Saying Yesterday” PS

    Read this in the British Guardian Online today:

    Shortly after I had put my “What was all that about?” Masochistic Big Fish Angling Travels behind me and headed off to catch a lot of migratory and resident spotted stuff on fly all over non-lethal Argentina and Chile for several seasons, I had a few very wealthy Brits and Americans approach me with whispered requests: “Psst. Take me to the Heart of Darkness (Congo) to catch a giant Goliath tigerfish, Paul…[no expense spared…..]”.

    Me being be me, I just smiled nicely and joked back at them: “Sorry, but ‘No’ – that really would be The End….”

    They hated being refused their very own Apocalypse Now.

    Hit it, Jim.

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