Too soon? Guides have mixed views on getting anglers back in the water

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Fishing guides and fly shop owners in the northern Adirondacks got a surprise this week as the state gave them the approval to go back to work as part of the New York’s phased-in reopening plan that started Friday.

Some angling professionals plan to head straight for the water, but others will wade in more slowly.

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3 thoughts on “Too soon? Guides have mixed views on getting anglers back in the water

  1. Here in Britain, we – Well, I – have watched some extremely keen “Get back fishing” (save our Industry and daily rentals income fishery owners) types in full political-spinning action over recent weeks, during a time when large parts of Britain were off-limits and their inhabitants dying off in significant numbers daily.

    I thought one of my “this can’t be happening, but it is” Hmmm…s, plus a “save-our-expensive-skins commerical imperatives…” and about “Nero fiddling away at his execrable lyre whilst Rome burned”…

    Same as it ever was, I discovered a few days ago, after being sent an article by a fishing and “Rough Shooting” (that’s walking around with a 12-gauge out in the country, shooting at whatever legal and edible that comes along sport, not by-the-megabucks-a-day Downton Abbey Driven Anything, just as I did many years ago in a less-regimented youth) pal who reads such magazines … “Yup.” I thought to myself. “As Rome burned, then straight back to Our old ways and utterly blinkered, not a lot of life left in it if we carry on like this for much longer, business as usual, way back when then and once again now….”.

  2. Pedant’s Edit of a word in the above:

    “Driven Anything”

    Make that driven “Something”.

    Make it so. Picard Out.

  3. Further Current Covid Apocalypse Bootean Observation.

    Everybody who is (self-designated – you mention me, I mention you, that’s how it works now…) Anybody Offishul/ icious Fishy Fishing-wise here (Britain – we have our troubles, you have yours) is interviewing the living fark out of one another on various hastily created video channels at the moment (you big me up, I big you, we all big the brand / product / grouping / pack together…).

    I believe that I speak for everybody “normal” (even those just 25% so) now when I utter a completely understanding (well, if really you think people will believe that, chaps….) “Uh??”

    “And I looked, and behold a pale horse….”

    Sunnydale High Librarian out.

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