Tomorrow’s Fish: We All Stand To Lose If We Don’t Stand Together

In the face of unprecedented threats to our fisheries—from climate change and the loss of critical habitat to the systemic underfunding of fisheries management—the recreational fishing community must unite and become a powerful, effective advocate if we are to sustainably manage our fisheries for future generations.

LINK (via Tomorrow’s Fish)

One thought on “Tomorrow’s Fish: We All Stand To Lose If We Don’t Stand Together

  1. Anybody who is over 55 years old in this video needs to be honest and remind us we were all going to freeze to death with a mini ice age back in the early 1970’s. If they don’t admit that, they are just a grifter. Any guide in this group who runs an outboard motor, is part of the problem and hypocrite. Any person in this group who flew on an airplane to attend the meeting is part of the problem…..they should have used Zoom instead. Until we can change the sun, we won’t do a single thing for Climate Change……..but it is a good money making exercise by getting the ignorant to contribute to a problem that doesn’t exist.

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