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The fish could undoubtedly use more friends, this year’s run on the Skeena system is shaping up to be the 4th worst in history.

Tom Derry is the connection between wild fish and the activists striving to protect them. A lifelong angler and the director of wild steelhead funding for the Native Fish Society, Tom embodies the commitment behind countless conservation efforts, all with a single goal: more wild fish. Filmed along British Columbia’s Babine River, Tom captures the essence of angling for wild steelhead and provides insight into what motivates a motivator.

One thought on “Tom: The friend fish deserve | Patagonia Films

  1. Fine man, that Tom. You’ve got to save the steelhead and those lovely lovely rivers, fellas. I’m sitting here on the British side of the Atlantic, yet have known about them, and have dreamt about them, but never fished them, since my totally fish- and fishing-struck early childhood. Shame to let them go in fit of your team’s – our term’s turn, nothing in this for us, short-term politics, or just in some tiresomely common now, modern absence of “Nobody really cares about such stuff these days…besides, they’re a long way from anywhere…in fact you can see nowhere itself from the banks oif many of them …..” mind.

    Go on, do it for me, if nobody else!

    Boote out.

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