Tom McGuane | Mill House Podcast

Tom McGuane is a giant among legends across all continents and countries. His boundless heart and endless determination tackled dreams only he could’ve accomplished. Tom’s extraordinary writing is in the record books, and he’ll be remembered as one of the greats for the rest of time. His literary spectrum includes ten novels, five screenplays, and countless short stories. His work has received a page full of awards culminating with his induction into The American Academy of Arts and Letters. But then there’s the fishing, the hunting, and the HORSES, cutting horses. Tom McGuane is a savant of many talents!

But it was in Key West where Tom McGuane caught fire. It was there when his writing was young, and his aspirations were as vibrant as the blistering sun. Literature, fishing, and adventures after dark took on a life of its own. It was there where of a handful of friends, all writers too, became a brotherhood that challenged life’s offering to its fullest. Jim Harrison, Russell Chatham, Guy De La Valdene, Jimmy Buffett, Hunter S. Thompson, and Richard Brautigan did what the rest of the world wished they could do. They had more fun than the law allowed and were brilliant with everything they touched. Each would become extremely successful and famous. But as much as anything else, they loved to fish. What most the fishing world doesn’t know is that these guys put Tarpon fishing on the map. And they made a movie about it called, “Tarpon.” This production showed what a magnificent, beautiful, ageless fish it is. It loves to eat flies, it’s big and jumps majestically…. It’s the most perfect fly rod fish one could ever have the privilege to catch.

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