2 thoughts on “Time to Let Stripers Be

  1. Do try and save the Striped Bass, guys.

    I first became aware of them when I was a kid, when I read the first lines of that angling classic, Going Fishing, by Negley Farson, a fisher and world-travelling newspaper foreign correspondent who could not only out-drink but also out-write Hemingway (same style as his, but he knew not to overdo his studied sparseness for over-egged effect) and who always took a rod or two with him on his travels and who began his great book with an account of how his own fishing started when he was a boy looking at the fanatical, nothing less than heroic surfcasters on a New Jersey shore, how they flung leads and baited hooks far out into the surf with long rods and beautiful, big, fabulously geared baitcasting reels (like the Vom Hof), all for that fablous prize, the great Striped bass.

    This guy, if you haven’t heard of him –


    I have spent my life as a Brit envying you north Americans for having the Striper as your own, having had to make do with the much-smaller European Sea Bass that I have fished for since catching my first, a foot-long schoolie on a spinner trailed behind a little wooden motorboat in Christchurch Harbour, Dorset, at the age of ten. Later not merely envying you a great fish and a fishery but envying you for having something that produced that classic of practical flyfishing literature, Inshore Flyfishing by Lou Tabory, my own much-read 1st American edition of which sits on a shelf in the another room here – about a fish (plus Blues and Albacore, whatever they are) I have never been within a few thousand miles of near let alone fished for!

    Value your Stripers, fellas.

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