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  1. I know this struggle, there are so many options and a lot of them are sketchy! I would go to and just pick one with good (and many) reviews. 5 full nights is a lot, and can be boring after seeing giraffe nr 6753. If you are super interested in photography or animals in general though, 5 nights can be bliss and you will have time to relax at the camps as well (I still cry seeing giraffe nr 6753 as I adore animals, but you also get super tired from long game drives starting at 5 am).

    If you wanna do the whole full safari experience in the north (and not miss out on anything) I would go to Serengeti for two nights, and do one night in the Ngorongoro crater which is amazing.

    I would do one day balloon safari, one day game drive (long one), and one short game drive and come back to camp early to relax and enjoy the scenery. 4 nights should definitely be enough.

    I have been on many safaris and used to work for a safari company in Dar es salaam many years ago, and I honestly think one of the best parts is being at the camp seeing and hearing the animals at night, feeling like you are in the middle of nowhere surrounded by everything natural. Make sure you stay inside the national parks and not outside to get the best experience. I also recommend you to stay away from the big resorts and all, as it is so much wilder and amazing at these small luxury camps.

    If you are hella rich I would book with Asilia or &Beyond! I went with Asanja last time, which was also really great and luxurious.

    Sidenote: Become a member of Team Tanzania on facebook and ask away – so so so many locals and expats are there to help with every answer 🙂 Also: If you have a special interest in lets say birds, ask the safari company first if they have a driver who is especially interested in birds as well so you’ll get the best experience.

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