One thought on “Tie TV – Crazy Baitfish (the CRAZIEST baitfish fly ever tied?!)

  1. British reservoir trout fishers have been using homemade Wave Tail streamers – “Waggies” – for many years. The Magic Heads have fitted been on French-made “leurre souple” ‘rubber’ minnows destined for spincasting for trout, zander (walleye) [and mahseer, after I got my hands on them] since the very early 1980s, when I was given a packet of four of them by Albert Drachkovich, the late, great, all-methods – all-species French fisher and artist, and possibly a few years before then. Then there were the long-tailed and long-winged, homemade clear perspex diving-wobble-vaned Collie Dog flies tied on surgical stainless steel mounts that a Welsh salmon fisher showed me a riverside box of in the mid-late 1980s, jokingly calling them “My ethical Rapalas, Paul…”.

    We all know that there is little new under the sun, but that Crazy Baitfish not only looks lethal but is clearly destined to give some fish some serious toothache.

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