Thompson Steelhead – The Final Nail

Un fucking believable.

The Governor in Council (GiC) has decided that not listing Thompson River and Chilcotin River Steelhead Trout under the Species at Risk Act would result in the greatest overall benefits to current and future generations of Canadians and the conservation of these wildlife species. In making this decision the GiC considered: the emergency assessment and recommendation made by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada; science advice; the current and ongoing shared management of Steelhead Trout between the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia; the anticipated conservation outcomes of listing and not listing under SARA; actions that have been taken and which are planned for the conservation of Thompson and Chilcotin Steelhead; a cost-benefit analysis; and the results of consultations, including Indigenous cultural significance information.

Bob Hooton with a more thorough analysis.

LINK (via: Steelhead Voices)

One thought on “Thompson Steelhead – The Final Nail

  1. So pleased to see your use of very strong language: it’s what I privately have to resort to when faced by all types of fish, fishing and what I call ” Acts of Downton Abbey ‘Angling’ ” fishy fxxxwit-ery over here on this side of the Atlantic Pond. Some weeks/ months, when aforesaid f—-wits … er, let’s be charitable to them, let’s call them personally very needy posers and serial attention-seekers — are having another one of their many ‘moments’ / running one their laughable, stiff him / trash them PR campaigns, which are always all about their sort of politics and nothing to do with rivers, fish and fishing, I run out of the ever-dependable of Anglo-Saxon canon of obscenities and have to resort to schoolboy Latin and bad Spanish and just as awful Welsh. Keeps “Them” on their (usually very expensively booted) toes, at least … makes them realise that all their shows, press releases, fundraising dinners (largely for ourselves and our elegant lifestyles not the fish), and well-bought, perma-smiling media frontmen just don’t work.

    Right … I wonder if there is an Ancient Babylonian Dictionary of Profanity…?

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