This week in what are you doing?: Backyard Fish


Wild and crazy legislators in Alaska – a state that banned net-pen fish farming in 1989 in part because of fears some of the fish might escape the pens and interfere with wild fish – now want to allow Alaskans to start their own salmon farms or what some in Alaska prefer to call “ranches.”

State Reps. Mike Cronk, Sarah Vance, and George Rauscher have proposed a law that would allow “a qualified person” to obtain a “fisheries rehabilitation permit” from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game authorizing him or her to “remove anadromous or freshwater finfish from the water of the state, collect gametes and fertilize and incubate eggs taken from the fish, and place the fertilized or incubated eggs, larvae, or unfed fry in the same water of the state.”

LINK (via Craig Medred)

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