This Week in Smoking Crack

Real Clear Energy thinks that “Greens” should support the Pebble Project.

You’d think climate activists obsessed with decarbonizing the planet and solving the so-called ‘climate crisis’ would celebrate Pebble for its domestic supplies of copper. After all, technologies critical to the green transition, such as EVs and wind turbines, require much more copper than conventional fossil fuel-based counterparts.

You’d be completely wrong. The eco-Left doubled down on their fight against Pebble, even though studies show the worldwide demand for copper will more than double between now and 2050.


One thought on “This Week in Smoking Crack

  1. The political power-players and their extractive industries supporter-donor pals are smoking it over here in Britain, too. When you get as august and English Establishment a body as the Royal Geographical Society of London breaking its 1 Kensington Gore top address cover and commenting on an ailing British Goverment’s “this might just get us re-elected in ’24 or early ’25” desperate, Demonize The Greens machinations, you suspect they they might also be doing some of Walter White’s and Jesse’s product, too.

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