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The Scottish government appears ready to approve a banned insecticide blamed for destroying bee populations for use in Scottish salmon farms, according to internal documents seen by the Guardian.

The insecticide is one of three nicotine-based, or neonicotinoid, chemicals banned by the European Union in 2018 for agricultural use on crops, a decision upheld this month by the EU’s top court, the European court of justice, which rejected an appeal by Bayer chemical multinational. The ban does not apply to rivers or the sea.

LINK (via: The Guardian)

One thought on “This Just In From Planet Bullshit

  1. Seen today posted on a British save-the-salmon outfit’s Twitter page – news from Argentina.

    But then Argentina does have the finest Sea Trout (Sea-Run Brown trout) fishery in the world to lose…….

    What’s that you say, the rest of you…?

    Norway…? Chile? Scotland…? Canada? USA…?


    You will (have to), one day.

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