Things That Make The Chum Want To Fire Up The Reefer McEntyre Playlist

Tom Collier’s head must be exploding as another member of the right-wing media machine shines a light on the Pebble Mine.

This time it was Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson, the xenophobic, racist, white supremacist goblin hosting Bass Pro owner Johnny Morris. 

The good news?

Carlson’s show has a YUGE following.

The bad news?

Carlson is a xenophobic, racist, white supremacist goblin.

Some of his greatest hits?

In December 2019, Carlson claimed immigrants were to blame for littering on the Potomac River, a statement that the Potomac Conservancy. denounced in a blistering response.

In November of 2019, he claimed that proposals to allow many more climate refugees to enter the U.S. would result in overcrowding and would “despoil” and “pollute” our country.

Blake Neff, the top writer for Carlson’s program, was forced to resign last month when it was revealed he had posted racist, sexist, and homophobic remarks on a website that traffics in hateful commentary. Carlson responded to his head writer being a white supremacist dickhead by threatening the people who exposed him. At the end of the show, Carlson announced that he was taking a “long-planned” trout-fishing vacation.

In 2018 Carlson claimed that immigration leads to infertility in American men.

A complaint filed in New York federal court on July 20 alleges sexual misconduct by top Fox News hosts, including Tucker Carlson.

Carlson’s segment will undoubtedly help raise awareness, but a privileged white man appearing on a racist’s Fox segment is not great optics for a cause powered by an industry currently trying to wrap its head around being white and privileged.

Finally, it never gets old to see Carlson get his bow tie handed to him in this memorable 2004 exchange with Jon Stewart on CNN’s Crossfire.

4 thoughts on “Things That Make The Chum Want To Fire Up The Reefer McEntyre Playlist

  1. We just got huge exposure for stoping this project and all you write about is politics? Do you wish this WASNT aired at all?? A win is a win get over political leanings.

  2. “privileged white dude”?

    Come on now. We, as a society, have got to chill out with the tribalism and demonizing of those we don’t agree with. Attaching derogatory comments to someone’s demographics has been tried many times in history and the results are uniformly terrifying. There is no way at all this ends well.

    I don’t agree with 100% of the Tucker Carlson talking points either, but seriously! Ease up a bit! He’s not Hitler.

    Maybe a humble suggestion to leave visceral name calling politics out of a fly fishing website? Can we have one avenue online that doesn’t feel like Civil War 2.0?

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      What’s terrifying is an industry grappling with being more inclusive celebrating a public relations win on a program that peddles racist, hateful rubbish.

      We’ll edit privileged white dude to a privileged white man.

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