“They left the window open for the greenies to get in”

Photo: Tim Pask

The politics of the IDFG decision to shut down Idaho’s steelhead season are on full display in the local press.

The editorial board of the Moscow-Pullman News writes that conservation groups did Idaho a favor by ending steelhead season.

Shutting down Idaho’s steelhead season creates a ripple effect for many different groups. Some would surely like to blame the six conservation groups who threatened the IDFG with a lawsuit.

Those folks should blame the IDFG for not having a management plan in place and be praising the conservationists. Those groups are working to preserve a species in Idaho for future generations of anglers and tourists to see. If not for them, in the future, every steelhead season could be suspended.


Come to fishing-dependent communities such as Riggins and see why rural Idaho takes such a dim view of both government and the conservation community.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game and Idaho Rivers United are running to lawyers and trashing these fishing economies in the process.

LINK (via: The Lewiston Tribune)

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