One thought on “And there on a branch waiting to jump on the first deer is the goddamn otter!

  1. Has a quiet Dr Evil titter behind his hand.

    I spent several years here in Britain, telling a group of mostly newly arrived to the pastime, carp and barbel baitfishers, with no small degree of hopefully amusing light-heartedness on my part, that “We’re in a Field of Dreams situation here, fellas – build it and they will come. If you ram lakes and rivers full of large fish that weren’t in them previously , the otters are going to think “Hey, guys, free burgers!”.

    Online mayhem broke out. I even received a couple of death threats, one of them by phone. “Boys” taking their “MY pic of MY big fish is much bigger and better than your “biggie” before I lovingly returned MINE to catch it again a month or two later when it’s a few, publicity- and tackle trade sponsorship-attracting few ounces bigger!” fishing much much too seriously, again. And they wonder why kids looked on in incredulity and thought “If that’s what fishing’s about, a bunch of old blokes arguing with each other, I’m outta there before I even start.”

    As someone says, “Sad. So sad….”

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