The Voice Of The Wild Steelhead Coalition

The first episode of the Wild Steelhead Coalition’s new podcast is now available for download.

In the 21st Century, a steelheader must be an angler, conservationist, and advocate. The Adipose podcast is a place for the important, authentic conversations that educate and inspire anglers, members of the public, and the fishing industry to take action on behalf of wild steelhead and their home waters.


One thought on “The Voice Of The Wild Steelhead Coalition

  1. Enjoyed that. Nice, cheerful bunch of guys even in the face of often now almost totally steelhead-free rivers. Here in Britain, we – trout and salmon fishers, it doesn’t matter which – tend to be obdurately miserable, even when we’re catching big-time; hence my long refusal to join any Better Britfishy grouping or club that we would have me as a member, and so be expected to join it in its fun-hating, “No fun or levity, please, we’re English ….besides, the business of better flyfish fishing is far too serious…”, set-mouthed, spirit-crushingly literal-minded humor(u)lessness.

    Boote blessedly out.

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