The Selfish Generation – Official Yokanga Documentary / Full Film

After over a year of post-production and six weeks of shooting on location, @augnlicht is proud to announce “The Selfish Generation“ is coming to the RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival and streaming in 2023.

This 45-minute adventure documentary will take you onboard the experience of fishing one of the most exhilarating salmon rivers on the planet as you join two young brothers on the trip of their lifetime. Discover the mesmerizing world of wild Atlantic salmon and how we can create a sustainable future for generations.


2 thoughts on “The Selfish Generation – Official Yokanga Documentary / Full Film

  1. Some very well-heeled English big ‘G’ gentlemen (and their very expensively well-schooled sons) must really hate Putin at present – quite put the kibosh on a lot of very nice, strictly for the likes of us, fishy stuff with that early ’22 military excursion he did. On a well-known, Smart” British flytackle retailers website a chalkstream sporting agent is currently (early Feb 2022) asking “Where are all the young anglers?” Has Angling changed….?”. I was very gently warning some very well-heeled English Gents, themselves already annual Russian Kola rivers fishers of three or four years’ standing, sat at a TDF ranchhouse dinner table in the mid 1990s. They had asked me, a personal guest of the ranch’s owner – not one of his business partner’s fishing clients as they were, about my thoughts on the future of Angling, and, only after repeatedly pressing me for my thoughts, got a very nice, gentle, extremely old-school charming; “If British Angling doesn’t start democratizing itself very soon, gentlemen, I fear that there will be little of it left in thirty years – we will be gone or will be hanging up our rods … and who will there be to replace us…?” reply.

    They were nothing short of dumbstruck. Their faces felll, it was if I had broken into into their homes and made off with their favourite Spaniels and Labradors. Back in Britain a few months later, I found that I had been summarily socially and fishily blackballed and disconnected by them and everyone they knew.

    Hmm, I thought to myself, British Angling of all types has an even bigger problem than I’d thought……

    Certainly has now, thirty years down the line.

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