The Opener | Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge

The amount of work and preparation it takes to open at Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge each season is remarkable and can easily be overlooked by the casual guest. Every nail, every fly, and every food item is shipped by air from Anchorage to the village of Igiugig, which is 4 miles upriver from the lodge. Then, the items are transported by boat on the Kvichak River to the lodge. The task list is long, and the work involves everything from hauling fuel to culinary prep to aircraft maintenance. Remote lodge logistics are complex, and it takes a massive team effort to awaken the Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge each spring.

Alongside the work, there is palpable anticipation and excitement for what the opening day of sportfishing in Bristol Bay will bring. The waters haven’t been fished in many months, so there is an unknown. However, according to Mother Nature’s calendar, this is the time for some epic and exciting fishing opportunities. Thus, the draw of “The Opener.”

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