The Not So Great Escape

Last weekend thousands of farmed Atlantic salmon escaped into Washington waters between Anacortes and the San Juan Islands. Local tribes and environmental groups say this is just further proof that Cooke Aquaculture’s proposed expansion of Atlantic salmon net pens in Washington’s coastal waters should not be permitted.

Cooke Aquaculture blamed the eclipse.

LINK (via: The Seattle Times)

Fish escapement is just one of the reasons every west coast state, except for Washington, has banned Atlantic salmon net pens to protect their native fish and waters.

TAKE ACTION and sign the petition asking Governor Inslee to protect our sound and our salmon from Atlantic salmon net pens.

One thought on “The Not So Great Escape

  1. So, how can a sane man respond to such stuff without launching into a wild-eyed frothing rant that sees him being promptly straightjacketed and wheeled off to the nearest correctional facility?

    Farmed zoo-fish Atlantics on your West Coast … ditto Pacific Pinks (courtesy of NW Russia) running the rivers of Scotland and northern Britain … and very likely Steve McQueen Kings / Chinooks along in a minute….

    Something wicked (not to mention environmentally dangerous and on-the-public-plate inedible) this way comes.

    “Take me away, please, gentlemen. I am ready.”

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