One thought on “The Next Frontier in Gamefish?

  1. “Ben, I want to say just one word to you. Are you listening?”

    “Yes, sir.”


    Apologies, Mike Nicholls, for borrowing the pool party dialogue in The Graduate.

    But to another movie – John Sayles’s 1978 “Piranha”, the best B-movie horror spoof ever. At the end of it, the only partly defeated super-piranha head out to sea (like some British escapee rainbows I was writing about the other day) with an unspoken toothy message: “We will return, bigger, toothier, meaner and making even louder screechy noises when we go into a feeding frenzy.”

    Piranha. I’ve had more than an accidental bycatch few, but then again too few to bother to mention….

    Apologies – merely a madcap response to the latest instalment of the completely fishy preposterous.

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