The Mission Issue #33

Buckle up because in The Mission Issue 33, we take you on a ride. From a crash course on the beetle-gnoshing yellows of Sterkfontein Dam to the milks, the triggers, and the space-time-tiddy continuum of Christmas Island.

We smash bonnies on the rocks and lose our minds drifting on the Henry’s Fork during the salmon fly hatch.

We get inside the minds of guide Greg Ghaui (Tanzanian rugby star and semi-nude model) and veteran Cape guide Tim Rolston (covert whisky icon).

We attempt to discover what Nayat is, we take a gander at a ton of new gear (including a Sith Lord Lightsaber from Epic Fly Rods that you can take home), and we propose the ultimate boot collab, plus a whole lot more.


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