One thought on “The Lure of Urban Fishing

  1. There have been periodic outbreaks of “Urban Banx” fishing in Britain over the past decade or so. Here is the latest –

    I did a lot of it myself once upon a time, long before a desperate “Industry” that had priced gear and fishing up and way beyond the pockets of mere mortals and so lost itself the Next Generation or two so to speak, then had to ask the same upscale PR People and Mad Men who had flogged its no longer quite so widely desirable products, “Say, guys, how can we make this, “like”, er, cool….?”

    The answer is that you can’t manufacture coolness, however many influencers you chuck at the (YOUR, commercial) problem – it, like Angling (and the people who, for some largely inexplicable reason, find themselves attracted to and doing it, is an organic, something in the air, just sorta happens, sort of thing.

    I saw in another Guardian article just the other day that the manufacturers of domestic cleaning products are about to employ a shedload of pretty young influencers to help them make household cleaning and 1950s dutiful houseproud housewife-style domestic servitude look really cool.

    Hmm. Very Women’s Lib.

    I’m off chalkstream trout fishing, once I’ve got a bacon and egg roll and a second coffee down my neck.

    Boote on his way if not actually out.

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