The Lies in the Secret National Monuments Memo

Over the weekend, the Associated Press and The Washington Post published the secret memo Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke sent to President Trump detailing the findings of his four-month review of national monument designations. Not intended for public eyes, the report details 10 monuments Zinke thinks should be altered. But here’s the thing, that report is based on a pack of falsehoods. Outside Magazine decided to break down the 10 most egregious ones.

LINK (via: Outside Magazine)

Oh but don’t worry, Zinke is still committed to advancing hunting and fishing. That’s why he installed the arcade game Big Buck Hunter in the employee cafeteria at the Department of the Interior. While this story seems like a perfect Onion article, it’s actually true. The DOI press shop even backed it up.

The statement released by the Department of the Interior says that Big Buck Hunter will help “reemphasize hunting and fishing at the Department” and that the use of the game by employees will further “the Department’s mission of wildlife and habitat conservation.”

Last but not least, if you work at DOI make sure you enter the “Secretary’s Shotgun Showdown,” where employees can compete for “bragging rights” and the opportunity to hang out with Secretary Zinke. The competition runs through October 11th and according to the Secretary “will help reignite the passion and emphasis of hunting and fishing at the Department and will be a fun way to advance our mission of wildlife and habitat conservation.”

LINK (via: Inverse Culture)

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