2 thoughts on “The Gurgler: A Fly with a Float

  1. Makes a wonderful, what British sea-trout fishers call, Surface Lure, too.

    My own version has a trailing, double-hooked, heavy wire, very sharp, small Salmon Iron on a stiffened, but ultimately flexible , braided nylon link trailing off the back. Slowly wake one of these at night across a fish-filled sea-trout pool or wooden run, and you can expect one of two outcomes (aside from nothing fishy happening at all) – 1) a huge splash in the darkness , your rod almost wrenched from your hand and a fish goingt real-screaming ballistic, or 2) A rather strange, slow tightening of your line, as if your fly was a deep sunken one that had suddenly snagged a sunken rock or log, but, of course, could not have – it just had to have been quietly intercepted and eaten by a fish at the surface (unless, of course, you have snagged a nocturnally active European beaver on Tierra del Fuego, as I have done a couple of times when fishing down there – at 40 pounds or so they certainly put a bend in your 8-weight single-handed rod but offer little fight until you get them into the shallows and you seriously consider running screaming into the night).

  2. PS – A few typos in the above, as I typed fast and got a little fishily carried away. STET – Let Them Stand / Remain.

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