The Great Fish Pain Debate

Do fish feel pain? For over 50 years, this question has been the focus of multiple scientific careers and consumed countless hours of research, debate, and reflection. But a different and related question has received far less attention: how and why did fish pain come to be a contentious scientific question in the first place?

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One thought on “The Great Fish Pain Debate

  1. That Sneddon lady in Edinburgh once again….

    You have to be pretty desperate to prove your fish pain obsession “right” when you start injecting bee venom into captive aquarium fishes’ mouths….

    This serially and permanently pain the proverbial something crowd reminds me of the various old Far Left Trotskyist-Leninist-Marxist-Stalinist Crews – always trying to inflict pain on one another and still convinced and always claiming that they’re right (even now in certain newspapers’ comments columns if you fancy a dark laugh and a snooze) and that the public’s wrong and that same much too stupido to know what’s good for it public deserves all it gets now for not voting for Us….

    Oh dear. Delusional at best. Not such a nice crowd, at “we don’t want to win, just wreck stuff” worst. Problem is, such old Left “thinking” has leaked into new Right, which doesn’t bode well for any of us trying to make a quiet, non-ideological and power-playing life somewhere in the middle.

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