41 thoughts on “The Gecko Goes Fly Fishin’ – GEICO

          1. Thank you thank you thank you for saying that. It was driving me crazy and I knew I’d seen him somewhere. Excellent answer

          2. Our local ABC affiliate just showed this episode the other night! It’s the Junior Mint episode, too! They played the the commercial during the episode. It was 1993, I believe! Ironic!

        1. Sherman Howard is kind of a genius, an amazing actor. Watch him playing “Bub”, the domesticated zombie in DAY OF THE DEAD.



    1. I just saw this one for the first time a few minutes ago, and that’s exactly who I thought of: Richard Moll. Got on the Google machine to see if anyone else thought it was him, and found this page. Turns out it’s Sherman Howard.

  1. His name is Sherman Howard according to Geico. I was happy to see others thought it was Richard Moll too. My husband looked at me like I was crazy.
    He’s been in a Seinfeld episode.

  2. Wow! I thought that was Richard Moll too! That’s how I found this site. I googled Richard Moll Geico commercial!! I loved Night Court!

  3. I knew I’d seen him somewhere before. I thought it might be Jim Gaffigan, but Yes, Roy the Triangle Artist it is!

  4. Sherman Howard – Seinfeld… Elaine’s boyfriend Roy who she dumped because he was fat. She visited him in the hospital and saw he had slimmed down. Then she was attracted to him

  5. It is absolutely positively the actor who played Roy the triangle artist on The Junior
    Mint episode of Seinfeld.

    1. It is Sherman Howard. His wife is an actor, also. Her name is Donna Bullock. They did a commercial together a few years ago. I can’t remember what they were advertising – maybe a credit card – I just remember them dancing. Donna & I were in college together.

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